Our Story

One of our lighter moments...

The UP Communicators for Good Governance was founded on July 14, 2002. UP-CGG was founded by a group of Mass Communication Students, who saw the need for a proper venue where students could come together, and make serious their role as future media practitioners -- guardians of truth and justice.  This is in special consideration of media’s great power in constructing and reporting truth, influencing public opinion and policy-making, facilitating law enforcement, and even enabling people through truth.

UP-CGG aims to be an ideal setting through which students can seek further training to be more effective communicators, and gain awareness of issues affecting society.  It is by being aware and taking the proper action that students – future media practitioners – may be able fight against the evils of society, and contribute to good governance.

Furthermore, the organization joins the UP College of Mass Communication in its pursuit of excellence in media studies and cultural works, the generation of knowledge, and the development of professionalism among media practitioners.  As such, UP-CGG gives important notice in joining the College as it lobbies for the upgrade of its infrastructure.

The UP Communicators for Good Governance.  Bias for Truth.  Effective Communication for Nation-Building.

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