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UP-CGG President Penelope Endozo manning the DJ’s booth. UP-CGG is in charge of one of DZUP’s numerous weekly radio programs

Team Building and bonding session at the La Mesa Ecopark


UP-CGG members in one of the General Assemblies


From Moving 4ward, UP-CGG is on its way to 5 and UP! this coming July 14


The newest UP-CGG members and the Executive Board during the Induction Ceremonies at the Ecopark


The A.Y. 2007-2008 Executive Board take oath


UP-CGG members at the La Mesa Ecopark Team Building event


UP-CGG members with A.Y. 2006-2007 Chair, Charisa Cortuna




5 and UP

This coming July 14, UP-CGG will celebrate its fifth year of existence as a socio-civic organization in the University. And as the University of the Philippines fast approaches its Centennial, activities of the organization are in line with the celebration. Our projects still stick to our commitment to work continuously for our goals.



UP-CGG for this year has prepared the following activities:


RADIO PROGRAM (DZUP-AM, Target: weekly)

UP-CGG’s radio program, PROfiles,” will continue to air over UP Diliman’s official radio station. While the program concentrated on interviewing student leaders last semester, we envision widening its scope to include national and community leaders. We also would like to discuss latest issues affecting the government and the society. Last semester, the program invited the head of Gawad Kalinga in UP Diliman, the university’s lone delegate to the Ayala Young Leaders’ Congress, and the newly elected University Student Council officers. It even hosted a debate that involved the standard bearers of the contending parties for the college student council elections.



OPINION POLLS (Target: monthly)

UP-CGG wants to know the opinion of students on topics affecting the student body through its opinion polls. Last year, UP-CGG takes pride in its 95% accuracy in predicting the results of the recent college student council elections. Since most members have already taken Communication Research subjects, we would like to gauge how much we have learned from our professors by conducting the polls. As started last year, 100 students- 25 from each of CMC’s four departments, will serve as respondents for the polls.



MEDIA+ED (Target: September 2007)

We live in a mediated world where every two sides work harmoniously with the mediation of one force. In this case, mass media and the academe are the extremes, both are mediated by their common cause to educate the media and the people.


This will be a symposium-workshop that will convene mass communication students to equip them with knowledge on issues confronting the media and to form solutions to problems faced by future practitioners. It could be a probable time for students to realize the truth of Marshall McLuhan’s maxim that “the medium is the message.”



i-EXCHANGE (December 2007)

Possibly another new idea from UP-CGG, i-Exchange is a shortcut for “intellectual exchange.” The exchange here is in the form of a debate, which will involve different mass communication organizations to argue about issues affecting mass media, society and their interrelatedness relations. The arguments and public speaking skills of the speakers shall be judged based on their “bias for truth,” the foremost ideal that guides UP-CGG.




In the spirit of sharing and giving during the Yuletide Season, UP-CGG will work with medical organizations to give free medical and dental services for one whole day in depressed areas within the University’s vicinity.




True to its socio-civic nature, UP-CGG will visit elementary and high schools to give students an animated reading project and an in-house talk about media issues.



Media TOURista (January 2008)

The trip will give the members a glimpse of the industry by going to some offices of prominent media companies in the Philippines and share their stories of success.




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