MEMBERS (2003-2004)

Charter Members


BA Broadcast Communication
Benedict Alibasa
Liza Abigail Copuyoc
Sheiden dela Cruz
Eliseo Fernandez
Theresa Alcaraz-Perez
Ellaine Joyce Jimenez
Farrah Salazar
Peluchie Pascual

BA Communication Research
Elinor Lorenzo
Isabelle Acosta
Jemimah Rose de Guzman

BA Journalism
Vani Canaberal
Iona Joy Santos
Pamel Sevidal
Cedric Solidon

BA Film & Audio Visual Communication
Aleta Joy Acabado
Myra Guevarra
Carlos Locsin
Dax Ochida
JL Velarde

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The Executive Board

Ruthlynne Medina

James Amparro
Vice Chairperson

Marian Macapanpan

Joseph Angelo Santos
Finance Committee

Franz Joseph Barcelona

Diana Evangelista
Research & Member Dev't

Charis Raya

Christian Fainsan
Media Director

Ralph Guzman
Founding Chairperson



PREAMBLE: We, members of the Communicators for Good Governance, University of the Philippines Diliman, united in the pursuit of good governance and nation-building, strive to adhere to the strictest standards of professionalism, ethics, and responsibility in communication.  In order to realize a society founded on justice and truth, we strive for a community that is responsive, effective and efficient, transparent and of accountability, in which citizens co-exist with consensus-orientedness, active participation, equity and inclusiveness, and rule of law.  With faith in the Almighty, with faith in each other, with truth as our witness, we ordain and promulgate this constitution.