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The UP Communicators for Good Governance Executive Board

A.Y. 2007-2008



The UP Communicators for Good Governance (UP-CGG) is by nature, a socio-civic organization. It believes in the ideals of bias for truth and effective communication for nation-building.


Its founders aimed that the organization will be an effective venue to train students to become effective communicators in the future. This could be done through developing their sense of awareness in issues in the society.


The founding members saw that students who will soon enter the world of mass media will play an important contribution to good governance. This is what UP-CGG members aim to do with their passion for growth in the study and practice of communication.


Hence, the UP-CGG members are trained to adhere to professionalism and excellence in their future work, while not sacrificing ethical standards.


As an organization of students based in the UP College of Mass Communication, UP-CGG also shares the College’s vision of developing a “free and independent, liberative and transformative, critical and vigilant Philippine mass media.”


UP-CGG adapted its principles from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for the Asia and Pacific. They were revised to conform to the standards of media practitioners.


The UP-CGG members live by example by being aware of the latest social issues and concerns, enhancing their crafts and talents, and creatively looking for ways to learn and serve the people through media. This, in effect, has turned the organization into a breeding ground for future media practitioners who will make important contributions to nation-building.




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