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The UP Communicators for Good Governance Executive Board

A.Y. 2007-2008

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Welcome to the online home of the

UP Communicators for Good Governance!


Our organization is composed of mass communication students who commit themselves to uphold good governance. This is through the use of mass media as the most effective means of communicating ideas to help build and transform our society.



UP-CGG takes pride in its strength through its members who work together and stand by the ideas of bias for truth and effective communication for nation-building. This is especially reflected in the organization’s past projects.


As we fast approach our fifth year, we renew our promise as future media practitioners to stand by our principles as we envision Philippine mass media as an effective means to cause change in our society. This we hope as we have lined up projects that will promote good governance through the mass media’s effective fulfillment of its role.


Let this site guide you as you take a watchdog’s eye-view of UP-CGG.



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